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January 23 2014


Battlefield: Play4Free Strategy - Playing the Recon Class Effectively

The Recon class in Battlefield: Play4Free concentrates on long-range combat and quick kills. While Recon players can certainly help teammates that are associated with close-quarters fighting, Recons are ill-suited to such situations. Instead, effective Recon players function in the support role for that frontline fighters on the team. They track enemies and spot them for teammates, cover friendlies by whittling down the health of enemy infantry, use motion mines to provide valuable information regarding the enemy's location, and remove targets of priority with their sniper rifles. - battlefield 4 cheats

Staying Mobile

Recons use a sniper rifle as his or her primary weapons. Many Recon players have a tendency to locate a high sniping spot and go camping there for the duration of a match, but this isn't always the simplest way to play the class. Positioning is very important to Recon players; they should always aim to find a very good position that allows these phones strike at enemy soldiers quickly before retreating and attacking from your different angle. Obvious sniper positions just like the roofs of buildings aren't always effective spots since enemies often expect to see players in those areas. The Recon class is most effective to a hit-and-run style of that keeps enemies guessing about the position from the sniper.

Even if you pick a position that's not considered to be utilized by snipers, it is best not to hang around one location for too much time. Shots fired from a rifle forum will leave trails which make it easy to trace back the place of your sniper, so even one shot can reveal your situation to another team. Additionally, the killcam reveals your local area to enemy players, and lots of players go straight to a sniper's place to get revenge after they respawn.

You should also be dynamic inside your positioning as a Recon since it is more helpful to your team and even earns more points. Recons who to utilise the rear of the map waiting for an attacker to penetrate their crosshairs can get a couple of kills per match, but those kills likely won't matter much within the grand scheme from the round and there will be more points to be had better the frontlines. To essentially shoot up the scoreboard being a Recon, you have to be comfortable inside a support role to your teammates who are within the thick of close-range fighting. An experienced Recon will help his teammates capture a control point by spotting nearby enemies after which eliminating them a quick headshot. If you live struggling to land a headshot with an enemy, a physique shot will severely reduce the enemy's health, rendering it easier for the teammates to get the kill. You will also earn points for Kill Assists by doing this.

Motion Sensors

Recons have access to a special machine: the motion sensor. This ball functions being a small radar that displays the locations of enemies about the mini-map. Motion sensors could be greatly useful to teammates capturing a control point; toss a motion sensor in the area of the flag as well as your teammates defintely won't be caught off-guard by enemy soldiers. Recons have an unlimited quantity of motion sensors, however the ability includes a short recharge time prior to it being used again. There is no reason to not make use of them, so do not be stingy! Recons can get training that cuts down on cooldown period of the motion sensor ability, allowing the sensors to use more frequently.

Priority Targets

There's two priority targets which Recons should always be aware of: enemy infantry capturing friendly control points and manned AA sites.

Recons must always pay close attention to the flow of your match, as they are able be described as a great affect on its outcome. Their sniper rifles permit them to sign up for targets at long ranges that are impossible to pay in a short amount of time for that other classes. Listen for that warnings that friendly control points are now being neutralized; if you move quickly upon hearing the notification, you could be in range to quickly take out the enemy infantry capturing the purpose. You only possess a few seconds involving the time the flag is neutralized so when it's captured by the enemy, so act quickly unless you're already under fire! Eliminating the enemies capturing a place gives your team more hours to go to the point and take it back. If the enemy has vehicles on the control point, you may still help out your team by spotting those vehicles and tagging all of them with a tracer dart; the current styles points for a tracer kill assist if your teammates sign up for the car, and it'll be considered a easier task using the vehicle tagged.

The Recon's other priority target may be the AA (anti-aircraft) site. On maps with air vehicles such as Oman, Recons can be quite a great assistance to friendly jets and helicopters by diligently since the AA sites on the map. The AA in Battlefield: Play4Free has a significant long term and is often very accurate, so a guide full of manned hostile AA sites could be a nightmare for jet and helicopter pilots. Like a Recon, take a short while to learn the locations of all the AA sites on the map to make it a priority to cover them. Enemy soldiers manning the AA sites are an immobile target, which makes them a straightforward kill, and you'll be helping your team greatly by eliminating them.

If you enjoy playing with guerrilla-style tactics, scoring quick kills and causing confusion within the ranks of the enemies, then Recon is the ideal class for you personally in Battlefield: Play4Free. To be an efficient Recon player, keep from staying with one sniping position for too long please remember to aid your teammates on the frontlines; you'll help push your team to victory and turn into good for scoreboards along the way. - battlefield 4 cheats


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